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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign rights (also known as translation rights) refer to the legal permission granted by an author to a publisher or translator to translate their original work into another language for publication in a different market or region.

This allows your work to be accessed by a wider audience and potentially increases your exposure and revenue streams.

The terms of the foreign rights agreement typically include details such as royalties, advances, marketing expectations, and any restrictions or limitations on the translation.

Foreign rights buyers are typically looking for books that have the potential to appeal to readers in their local markets.

They look for books with compelling stories, interesting characters, and unique perspectives that can engage their audiences.

They also consider factors such as the author's reputation, past sales figures, and critical acclaim.

Additionally, foreign rights buyers may be interested in books that address current trends or issues in their local markets, or that offer a fresh perspective on a familiar topic.

The books on DropCap Marketplace get in front of foreign rights buyers through a variety of methods, including targeted advertising, email marketing, and social media.

Keep in mind that DropCap has created its own proprietary software that makes it possible for us to know exactly what our buyers are looking for, and matching them to that content.

Think of DropCap Marketplace as a way for our literary agency, DropCap, to gauge international interest in your book and sign you to our agency.

While we actively promote the titles in DropCap Marketplace, the titles we represent at DropCap Rights Agency receive more front-facing attention, including placement at international book fairs and hand-pitching from our literary agents.

If a foreign rights buyer expresses interest in your book, we will contact you immediately for further instructions.

Please be sure to have high-resolution files and a PDF of your manuscript ready for when that happy situation arises, and be sure we have your updated email address.

No, we do not. Our role as agents is to negotiate on behalf of the author. The author would not have contact information for any of the rights buyers showing interest.

Our agents negotiate these types of rights contracts daily with rights buyers across the globe, have intimate knowledge of their markets, and solid relationships with only the most reputable buyers in each market.

The Rights Report you receive as part of your subscription to DropCap Marketplace will serve as a sneak peek into the global book marketplace.

We recommend using it as a tool to write to market , meaning creating a content strategy around what’s currently trending, in the hopes of getting your book and brand noticed.

Our award-winning rights management software is the secret to DropCap’s success in securing foreign rights deals for authors.

Our custom algorithm does much of the work matching books and buyers for us, however our agenting team actively scouts titles they know their buyers are looking for.

Our book buyers are looking for English-language books to purchase the rights to translate for their markets. While it might make sense that having a manuscript ready to go in a different language would be useful for our marketplace, the truth is that our contracts operate on a traditional publishing model.

This means that entering into a contract with our foreign rights book buyers will mean that you are giving them the license to translate and re-design as they see fit for their markets.

Yes! Your exclusivity contract with Amazon covers the English-language version of your book and has its own unique ISBN and/or ASIN.

Any contracts we negotiate for translation rights will be considered a brand new edition with its own ISBN number and cover.

The DropCap Marketplace is meant to make your book take center-stage.

Should one of our foreign rights buyers contact us with interest in your title, we will be sure to reach out to you for more information, if needed. There is no need to send us that information proactively.

As we continue to build and improve upon DropCap Marketplace, authors will have the ability to update their profiles to include editorial reviews and awards.

Keep in mind that consumer reviews from Amazon or Goodreads would not be appropriate - buyers are seeking editorial reviews only.

Your subscription to DropCap Marketplace is good for one year from purchase.

At the end of the year, you will be prompted to renew your membership, or not. Your subscription will not auto-renew.

DropCap Marketplace is a brand-new endeavor, and direct result of our rights agency working with several amazing indie authors recently who have had great success in the translation rights market.

We've secured over 8000 licenses in over 120 countries to date, and you can track our most-recent featured deals on our rights agency blog.

Books in our marketplace are being actively scouted by the agenting team at DropCap, and the marketplace itself is being promoted across multiple channels through both paid and organic advertising.

Authors who are members of the marketplace have the opportunity to take advantage of some additional featured promotions to fast-track their books in front of our rights buyers and agents if they choose.

If after one year your book has not been picked up for a foreign rights contract, you have a couple options.

You can choose not to renew your subscription, or you can try for another year in hopes of better results.

We do offer several amazing marketing resources with your DropCap Marketplace subscription to help increase your book’s chances of getting noticed by international buyers. Many authors have shared that these resources alone were worth the subscription, even if they haven’t received a deal yet.

Have more questions? Contact us.